About Us

Life-changing news demands world-class care.

At MHO, we believe world-class care starts with a world-class team. From physicians to nurse practitioners, we’ve assembled the best team to give you the best care.

Here’s how we deliver world-class care.

Express compassion for patients, loved ones and our team

We’re here to support you and your loved ones during and after the treatment process.

View each day as an opportunity to grow

Each day is a new day to refine how we can deliver the the right treatment plan for you. We believe that adapting is key to the right treatment plan.

Deliver care that’s from the head and from the heart

We combine our 50 years of expertise in cancer care with our passion for serving, helping and supporting you and your loved ones during and after your treatment plan.


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Our Team

We are cancer experts.

We have the largest team of board-certified oncologists in Northern Indiana.

Our oncologists have treated more breast, lung, gynecologic, prostate and colon cancer than anyone else in the region we have better pattern recognition and can prescribe the right type of treatment at the time.

Our Approach

We deliver exceptional care

We deliver exclusive medications and therapies, based on our years of experience and research.

We offer day-to-day support services, free educational programs and more.

We coordinate with our healthcare partners across the US to help you access to the care you need.

Our Difference

We don’t do it alone

That’s why we partner with experts in the field by participating on tumor boards. Doctors from radiology and pathology gather to share data and insights to stay ahead.

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