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Over decades we've optimized our clinic, our teams and our processes to deliver premium care.


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Why MHO?

MHO has the largest team of board-certified oncologists in the region.

Our team of physicians have seen and treated more cancer patients than any other practice in Northern Indiana.

Whether you need to book a next-day appointment or ask a question, we’re here for you.
We share openly and honestly about our approach to diagnose, plan and treat you.
We use the power of data to optimize yout plans and your treatment.

Beth Mondschein

Advanced Practice Nurse

Sayuri Cheruvu

Medical Oncology and Hematology

Our Services

Onsite Chemotherapy Infusion Suite

An intimate and all-inclusive approach is what you can expect when receiving onsite treatment at MHO.

Onsite Radiation Therapy

Our team of Radiation Oncology Experts work alongside Medical Oncologists to determine your best treatment option.

Phlebotomy & Lab services

The satellite lab services offered at MHO enable real-time resulting and review.

Onsite Radiology Imaging

CT and PET/CT imaging available at our Mishawaka and Westville locations allow our team to expedite the staging process.

Oral Dispensing Pharmacy

At MHO, the compassionate pharmacy team can help you and your family identify potential financial assistance needs and drug program qualification.

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